Rediscovering the steem love with contests.

in newbiegames •  3 months ago

This community has a lot of givers and I try be one as well. But when you are new steemian there is only so much giving you can do. Contests are a great way for new folks to earn a bit extra and get involved in the steemit community.

But you say..."Uhhg looking through that contest feed is such a drain. If only there was someone who could find contests for me."

Don't fret my friend. Just follow @newbiegames

They find the contests and and if you enter all 3 of their "selected contest" you may win a bonus prize.

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Contest is a great way to create interaction and grow your account. I highly recommend visiting the #newbiegames tag.


It is by far the best way for a newb to get involved.

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