Helpful tips to my fellow minnows/Newbies!

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I stumbled accross this tips from the one of the wonderful communities I joined, I deemed it wise to share.
Below are the tips

  1. Begging for votes won't work
    Focus on writing a great post and be consistent with it. A random subject will not earn you a respect hence you need to carve your niche. Begging for votes will never work, I've done it before i had to expunge such idea and focus on my strength. I am not condemning anyone who beg for votes it just won't work for you. In my short period that I've joined Steemit few weeks back I've been removed from a whatsapp group, banned from a discord all because I was naive and those people were never patient enough to guide me through.
    However I was privileged to meet few steemians I'll call patriot who assisted me in some rudimentary aspects.

  2. Do more research

If you really want to get a good post on ur blog you will need a thorough research carried out. References and sources of your information is an evidence of a thorough research. Curators wants to see that you know what your are talking about and not just about trying to make more money (of course we all want money )
Let the passion be your drive

  1. Join a community

Joining a community is one good way of interacting with Steemians. It's easy for your community members to identify with you and upvote your contents. There are contest which can earn you some sbd and what have you. However there are some community rules that you must abide with, if I don't know any community rule I am sure of one rule make sure you contribute to the progress of the community
Its a silent rule in some community hence don't join because you want an upvote but come with a mindset of adding to the community. I am a proud member of @air-clinic and this is where I feel all my strength came alive. You too should join a community and see the difference.

  1. Politicians don't have permanent friends but permanent interest.

If you haven't noticed yet you should now, Steemit is full of politics, I won't write about the dirty politics today but be assured that there is a lot of politics going on and if you really wanna play along
Interest is the key word
You may not have a permanent friends but your interest is what determines who you attract. Like I said I won't write on the intricacies of the politics today but you should try to play along with the little info I just told u.

  1. You must be a good reader
    Being a good reader might earn you much than be a writer in terms of the turn over. What am i saying? You need to know how to read lots of different topics this will help you to put down your thoughts on paper and get good contents for your followers.

  2. Comment can earn you more than writing
    Do you just upvote a post and go away? Next time drop a reasonable comment which shows the author you follow his or her thoughts. An impressed author might upvote your comment and earn you more than a post you prepare for more than a day. In my few weeks on Steemit I have earned more on comments than post in comparison to post and comments frequency. There are few tricks to commenting am sure you will learn it if you are very smart.

  3. Don't ignore your followers
    For a minion this is very important. Even though some people follow you and don't even remember, try once in awhile to check their blog and drop a comment about their subject. You can also resteem their post as a surprise. It's a favor which may be returned someday .

I think IMG_20171225_163337.jpgone of the tips if followed religiously is expected to either improve your rating or your coins.

I just joined Steemit this January 2018, I am already following three out of this 7 tips, I think this will help minions and planktons to increase their reputation and make more money.


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Tnx bro. We shall one day become whales


Yes o, that is our one of our ambition.