RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF. Yo!!!! Steem it all the way!!!!

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Hi, thank you so much for dropping by. Trust you are doing great. If you are not, don't worry, in a short while everything will be alright.

I don't think I introduced myself properly when I first joined that is why I am re-introducing myself. Plus, I have not really been active but from now on I will be very active. Expect about 4 posts or more from me weekly.

My name is Victoria. I am from Nigeria. I live in the city of Lagos.
I come from a family of 7. I am the second child of my parents out of 5 girls.
I am fun loving, full of energy, love to sing, food lover (but I don't each much).

I love helping people, I am committed to SOCASEMP INITIATIVES( an orgainization whose vision is to:


To seek-out places and areas where there are high needs and opportunities for valuable impact and respond with initiatives targeted at:

Poverty alleviation
Building Sustainable Livelihood
Mind and Capacity development
Nation Building.

socasemp team.jpg

I am a Christian and Addend follower of Rev Chris Oyakhilome(Pres. Believers Loveworld Incoporated a.k.a Christ Embassy). I believe that success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality (and thats what I hope to do here on steemit.)


I am interested in tech. I hope to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer before the end of 2018. I am also interested in music (and other forms of entertainment), sports(swimming).

Before I continue, I would like to thank @Jerryboy4luv for bringing me onboard and @samstickkz for bringing @jerryboy4luv on board. I would also like to thank the entire steemit team for such a wonderful opportunity. I sincerely hope that the platform grows to be among the top social media.

steemit newbie.jpeg

I am training to become a front end developer. Currently taking Microsoft Front -End -Developer Program on Edx.
I am also taking the Introduction to Programming Nanodegree on Udacity which I hope to complete before the end of next week. I have taken other coding courses on Sololearn too (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP).

I am a web designer (,
I sell real estate (,
I sell customized designs(

I am not sure in what format I will do this or if I will have a schedule so you know what to expect at a certain time of the day. But I am sure I am going to be posting about the following.

  1. The gospel of Jesus Christ

  2. Other Inspirational messages

  3. Entrepreneurship & Self Development

  4. My businesses (Web design, Real Estate Marketing/Consulting, graphics design & other businesses I will get involved with in the future.)

  5. Technology (Gadgets, trends etc)

  6. Programming(Documentation of my coding journey)

  7. Life issues and Lifestyle

  8. Other personal activities

As time goes on, depending on how you respond to my posts, I intend to properly organise my blog so that you know what to expect at certain points in time.

I hope to contribute to your steemit experience and I look forward to bringing you value in a tremendous way.

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thank you very much gif.gif

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Enjoy your stay on steemit. Remain focused and you will see great results in no time. Have fun.


Thank you very much @jerryboy4luv