Mining from hotel room?(Novice Question)

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Hey there, new to Steemit, slightly experienced with crypto. I mined one time before from my laptop when BTC was at like 16k. I remember I let it run for 2 days and had made around half a cent.

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Heres the dealio. I am living in a hotel for a few months away from home for work. AKA not paying for power consumption. I feel like this is a perfect time to learn and experiment with mining.

My concerns are thus:
Is there anything illegal about mining from a hotel room?
The country I'm in does not use grounds on their outlets, only 2 prongs 120v AC. Is this a safety issue?
I would like a recommendation on a rig 1.0KW or less, as I wouldn't want to burn up any hotel wiring.
Profitability is good factor, but I'm not paying for power consumption so that makes things easier.

Any advice or helpful comments are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


I think it´s not illegal, as it has not been looked at, yet.
And I do not remember any contract, I had to sign during my frequent hotel visits, where mining or excessive use of power was prohibited.

If you ask me, there won´t be something like a single counter for each hotelroom. But if power consumpstion rises extremly (and it will ;-) ) there could be someone looking for the reason for that.

That will not happen after one or two days. But I think if you stay for a couple of weeks... it could happen.

I think 1KW should not kill the fuse, nor will it burn your hotel room.

What is your estimation on reward?
Is it worth the effort/risk?

I did some mining with two R9-290X and gained about 40$/month.
Without paying for electricity it was a good deal :-D

$40/month would be a little lower than ideal.But, I think I will give it a shot! I'll update in the future with the results!

It's true that you do not pay for electricity, but as long as it may bring high costs for the hotel owner, it's morally correct not to do this or consult with the hotel owner.

That's true! more of just a concept. I think I will experiment and see if its worth doing. Then before allowing it to cook for hours on end I will see how they feel.

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