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The products grow on trees!
Yes it grow, let us consider a few.


"Loaf", growing on its branches, sometimes reach 12 kg! Thus, one can simultaneously tree ripen fruit to 800 !!!

Tree cake.

On the islands of Oceania grow another kind of breadfruit, referred to as "cake". On its branches ripe yellow fruit that tastes like eclairs with cream.


Sago palms. Because starch derived from its core, bake delicious cakes. This tree grows on the coast of New Guinea.

Milk wood.

This so-called "milk tree". The taste of its juice taste like cream and sugar, and if it is boiled, you get a great cheese!

Palm oil.

Traveling to Africa to visit the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. There is growing tree, which grow fruit, thickened juice which is similar to our butter.

Strauch ketemf.

Continuing the tour of Africa, to visit Sierra Leone. It grows a bush called ketemf. Collected from him the fruits, sweeter than sugar of 100000 times! And the most important thing is that, in spite of such sweetness, it does not contain a single calorie!

Candy tree.

In Japan, you can find Hoven-sweet. This tree is a member of the family rhamnaceae and fruit ripening on its branches have sour taste of raisins. It is for this, and Hoven called "raisin" or "candy" tree. With one tree you can collect up to 35 kg of such "candy

Cheese tree Noni (Noni, Morinda citrifolia).

Cheese tree belongs to the family Rubiaceae. It is found on the territory of South-East Asia and Oceania. The most common in Hawaii and Tahiti. It grows in open rocky or sandy shores or in shady forests.
Other names: Noni (Hawaii), Cheese tree, Indian mulberry (Southeast Asia).
Morinda- genus contains about 80 species, mostly of tropical origin.
This fruit is known also under the names Big moringa, Indian mulberry, Useful tree, cheese fruit, Nona, Nono. Homeland of the fruit is south-east Asia, but now it grows in all tropical countries.
This tree is called the cheese because of the specific odor of the fruit, which resembles the smell of moldy cheese, but the taste between the two have nothing in common.

Potato tree, Sapodilla, sapotaceae tree wood potatoes (Manilkara achras).

Sapodilla tree sapotaceae or potatoes or wood (Manilkara achras)
Sapodilla is a round or oval fruit up to 10 cm and weighing 100-150 g It looks very similar to a plum. The skin is dull and thin, has a color from light to dark brown.
Ripe fruit has a sweet taste with a slightly caramel flavor. According to the structure resembles a persimmon pulp - the soft and juicy, and just like a persimmon can be a bit "knit", only much smaller. Inside, several large black seed with a hook on the end.

Strawberry tree, capitate Dogwood (Cornus capitata).

Homeland of the tree are the slopes of the Himalayas in India and southern part of Central China (the province Yun-nan, and Hubei). But over time, it has been cultivated in other countries, including in Russia. Now capitate dogwood can be seen in Australia, New Zealand, on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and Crimea.
Strawberry tree is an evergreen tree height of no more than 12 meters. Not long leaves from the bottom painted in gray-green color.

The article talked about not all foods that grow on trees, but only a small fraction of them, a large number of them!


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