Ancient Extra Terrestrial Remains Found in Nazca, Peru!!!

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Ancient Extra Terrestrial Remains Found in Nazca, Peru!!!
(Video and content provided by Gaia)

Amazing evidence coming out of Nazca, Peru. Scientists have found and are studying an ancient mummified body of a being which is not human!


Many people are aware of the amazing Nazca Lines in Peru, and this new fascinating discovery now furthers the mystery of Nazca and the role it played in our history.

Take a look at this amazing video provided by the Gaia network and take a gander at some of the most amazing findings taking place in our world!

We are part of a much larger network of light beings, and have been part of a cosmic family for a very long time. This exciting discovery will help shape a world that is more open to the unknown possibilities of our divine cosmos. Please help spread the word and the message of Love, Light, and Peace.

Let us Uplift one another for the Good of All!

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