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Greetings, i am Cataro(AKA Taroyoma) from Germany,
I choose this nick, because i am one of these very very cautious people, that doesn't want to spread much personal information on the internets, so yes i don't use Facebook, Whatsapp or something similar with my real name.
That doesn't mean that i think, that i am invisible in the WWW, i do know that everything you do on the internet will have it's bits and pieces spread among it. (the other reason for "Taroyoma" it was a name with no matches in a past google search). Enough of that.

Steemit seems like a great invention because i think someday Youtube is no more, who knows maybe even Facebook needs to change, it might be possible that we are pay'd for our information in the future (if i understood correctly, we get pay'd here for our likes? if so, that's the future i was waiting for), i am happy that i found something that looks like the future, i somehow expected.
What i expect from this site is, that i find a way better community than on most other sites i know about, a community that knows the meaning of Netiquette, i wonder if i am right about it.
I expect a great future for this.

That's it for me.


Hello, welcome to Steemit! This place is amazing.

Stay active with posting, commenting and upvoting and you will be successful.

There are some great tools for Steemit to help too like the Steem Follower tool that will get you more upvotes and followers.

Have fun!

Thanks, will try it.