Cloud Gatherings: Town Hall 2.0, A blockchain for Americans to establish better representation, voting & legal reform.

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Methinks political avenues of today are out of touch with the people in America & block chain technology has the potential to make America, America again. I don't know enough to know the physical requirements or if there is a better/easier way to implement the idea so please excuse my ignorance & enlighten me if you would be so kind.

fee6dbae577244f902a565fc863dc5af.jpgmay be copy-written is what Google says...if so we can compromise.

The idea is to have a chat room in which people residing in a certain county/chartered city can discuss politics as equals perhaps anonymously if they wish, create new chat rooms for even more local discussions/interests, create elected positions for their community, county, state or America itself & vote for created positions/in place positions & Representatives that will be allowed to enter the higher clouds where they would discuss matters of state & vote for Federal Representatives & State Representatives(Like Senators were per the Constitution.).


The main goal of this is to be represented locally by a person you know & trust that then can get to know the other people from communities that have also been entrusted to represent the interests of the communities around them that will vote for the most respected & trustworthy Americans to represent a city/county & vote for city/county, state & Federal Representatives. If a person doesn't trust others, they can vote themselves to be a Root Representative, requiring only one vote it would allow every Individual's Interests to be represented & could be easily united with like minded individuals in clouds for specific interests nationwide, providing a collected interest which could vote for a Representative to ensure that they too can be at liberty to do what they wish so long as no one else is harmed by it & compromise with the rest of America on how to best proceed for the general public interest of making America a better place to live & for children to grow up in. I can think of a lot of different ways to implement this design safely & securely as well as the problems that can be solved by using a platform such as this, at least here at home in America. Note as well only a name, relative interests & principles will be allowed to identify a Candidate for higher offices than Root, no parties, no generic rhetorical interests used to deceive. Anyone caught trying to delude people at any level at or above Root will be removed from the block chain if a vote of 87% consensus occurs amongst Root Representatives....A high number yes but this is to ensure a simple majority cannot just remove all minorities that have no intention of fraud but interests that oppose a majorities or will cause them to lose money.(i.e. private prison investors after this chain effects change).


I will enjoy any thoughts, comments or discussion about this & thrilled if anyone wants to volunteer to start building the block chain for the people. #informationwar ... this is how we win it, concise collected interests represented completely & giving power back to the people.


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