First Evening View From New Home

in new •  4 months ago

I still have no internet and I am completely done, but most of the work is already finished, so I decided to share a thought. Wish me good luck with my dreams tonight, it is said that the dreams of the first night in a new home become true...

pics made with my iphone


Anyone can read the writings of the sky😜??

Read you soon!

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Thank you for posting

What lovely photogrpahs of the skye.......perhaps a large star.....

Here's wishing you and yours all the best in your new place.

Good to hear from you.


Hehe, ziehen gerade ja einige um :)

" ... I see this pic: Someone, protected from and with an beautiful Angel, is on a good way... " ;)

We Wish You All The Best

Das hört sich doch schon mal gut an, der Grundstein ist somit gelegt! Ich bin endlich fertig mit meinem Umzug und wünsche dir jetzt noch ganz viel Kraft bei deinem weiteren Verlauf! Umziehen tut man ja zum Glück nicht jeden Monat :) Liebe Grüße und schöne Träume!

Nice chemtrails! Have you heard of the Daily Dose challenge by @inthenow?

Congrats on your new place!

Beautiful place you have got with some awesome views from there simply incredible and see some great dreams :D dreams do come true : )

Was ich im Himmel lese, verheißt nichts Gutes ... für wen auch immer. Also lasse ich es sein und wünsche dir/euch stattdessen eine wunderschöne Nacht voller Magie und ihr könnt euch etwas wünschen...


Heute alles voll -auch bei uns.

Und habt Ihr Euch schon eingelebt? ;-)

Der Himmel sah hier heute ähnlich aus.

We patiently waiting for your arrival... Success is always yours...

Hoping to see you back in action soon ;)

While not the words in the image but the star sign is visible to me more :)

While liked the images and that is a perfect place to be :)

Nice photography. And here's wishing you goodluck on your dreams that'll eventually come through.

All will be well