Investments in the Montero (Monero)

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Crypto currency Monero, which became the leader among the best coins of 2016, is a real gold mine for investors. In 2017, it has not lost its positions, but on the contrary it was fixed in the TOP 15 crypto-currency with a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion. This is explained not only by the increase in demand and rate, but also by the possibility of using crypto currency in the darknet. Internet users appreciated the benefits of Monero, which Bitcoin or Ether do not have. This currency ensures complete privacy of transactions.
Why is it profitable to invest in Monero?l
The attractiveness of investing in Monero is easily explained. This crypto currency is different from all the others used in the market. Monero is free from the vulnerabilities that virtual money has. Crypto currency is completely anonymous. Tax authorities or state bodies can not obtain information about the owner of coins. Any personal data is hidden from prying eyes.
For comparison: when using Bitcoin, users can disclose information about themselves, when making payments using Monero - no. Bitcoin-address is directly connected to the real owner of coins. Scammers or interested users can go to the owner of the bitcoin-wallet, follow the course of operations. All data is stored in the blockroom.
With the increase in demand for Monero, the profitability of this coin as an investment object rises. You can invest in mining or buying a crypto currency. The second option is more attractive for investors.
The main advantages of investing in Monero: cUB7rWssu98.jpg

  1. Anonymity of payments.
  2. Lack of taxation.
  3. Lack of state control.
  4. High level of security.
  5. Availability of crypto currency.
  6. The ability to buy and generate coins independently.
    Features of investing
    The best way is to buy Monero on one of the exchanges (for example EXMO). You will need to replenish the exchange account with money and place an order for the purchase of a certain number of coins. When choosing an exchange, pay attention to the current Monero rate. Use a resource that can offer the most beneficial exchange option.
    After buying the Crypto currency, it is better to withdraw money from the exchange to a separate purse. So you will ensure the safety of your coins. Take care that the storage does not have constant access to the Internet. Then you have to watch the course change.
    With the increase in the value of the coin, you get the opportunity to earn on the sale of the acquired crypto currency. If the rate falls, do not hurry and panic. Virtual money changes in price constantly. The course Monero, as well as many other currencies, several times strongly sagged. After that, the bar rose again, and patient and far-sighted investors were the winners.

The amount of your income from investments in Monero will depend on the situation in the market of crypto-currencies, as well as the ability to predict and evaluate risks. Monero has good potential, so it's a sin not to take advantage of this coin and earn a decent amount.


Monero is oldschoold, look at Verge, only 5 cents but does the same job as monero and zcash but 100x faster transaction speeds.

Are you invested? When did you get in?

In the process of studying this crypto currency

to begin with, understand and appreciate

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