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In terms of great moments in history, philosophical truths or life changing moments... this post ain't any of these.

I just thought it was kind of ironic, funny and telling.

Ironic because I found out about Facebook ending their Trending feature from the Trending Feature. The post calls the feature "controversial", but I don't see how that can be. What can be controversial about a feature that shows stories that are popular and being read by many online? Truth be told, I liked the feature. Which, with my track record, is as good a reason as any to end it. The real reason they are ending Trending, I believe, is they aren't making enough money on it. That space, although useful, could be ad space so Zuck can put another billion or two in the bank. So, out it must go and in with more profitable, if less useful, features.

It's funny because, well, it's ironic. If that has to be explained to you, then you need to get out more. Or change your political party affiliation.

Lastly, I find it telling because I take it as a sign that FB is floundering. Like many of the early giants in tech who go the way side (think of AOL, Yahoo, MySpace, etc), I think FB may have begun its decline in relevancy. The only reason that this makes me happy is (well, there may be a FEW reasons this makes me happy, but...) that it is a excellent opportunity for STEEM, Steemit and Steemians.

As people begin to leave FB and other social media applications where there identity and contributions are sold, but only benefiting the company, Steemit and the new media tokens feature will seem more and more like an attractive social media alternative. Why make money for the Man when you can make money for the You? Once people realize the opportunity STEEM and Steemit provides, things will change fast. That's my bet, anyway.

So, ironic, funny and telling... it's a good thing for Steemit and Steemians alike!

(Story and image source: my FB page)

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