The Space Race Is On Also A Parade! and FBI Bombshell Breakdown

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Elon Musk SpaceX and Tesla announcement of the space race. Also, Donald Trump requests a parade and new FBI Bombshells that show how Barak Obama wanted to know everything from the DOJ FBI investigation on Hillary Clinton on here emails. Plus a lot a lot more

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The way Musk is going, don't you think he will be able to make it to the Mars?


I'm looking forward to it. The only thing now is making sure I'm worthy to be one of the chosen few!


Mars is a star, not a solid piece of land. This makes it impossible for anyone to make it to mars. This same goes for all wandering stars that you assume are called planets, and the moon, which is also a ball of energy, and not a solid piece of land.


That's an interesting theory. How do you know with such certainty?


through years of research and realizations. Simply believing what authorities on the subject tell you doesn't work when you know they have been lying to you.
People now have access to high powered telescopes, which still show the wandering stars in the same state as with the previous telescope models, and even cameras. Yet we're led to believe that nasa has much better telescopes that show different images, and that their telescopes have been available to them for many decades. But no matter how good yours gets, it can never turn the image you see into the CGI painting that nasa uses.
This should be your first red flag. Why can they obtain crystal clear images of pluto, when amateurs with 8k resolution cameras can't even get a clear shot of Earth from 120k feet?

It's a long process of awakening, but you have to start with your own research and critical thinking to comprehend the natural and physical properties of Earth.


If Earth is a closed system, then were do meteors come from? We know they happen - the one we saw over Russia a few years ago was well documented on dozens of dashboard cameras and the more massive extinction level ones like the six mile wide one that caused the Chicxulub Crater some 65 million years ago have plenty of evidence. What about the annual Perseids meteor shower? Where do they come from?
Bonus question: Where does Halley's Comet go? At it's furthest, it's 35 AU away. Where does it go in the domed earth model during those 70-ish years it's away from Earth?

What do you make of comet craters and the gigabits of photos of our solar system along with video? If the moon isn't solid it certainly stops the sun during eclipses, how do you explain that nobody who has looked at the moon through a telescope has said these ramblings of "not a solid" moon. Indeed how do you explain the numerous sources of data converging on these simple facts: the solar system being one of many in galaxies et all.. from the mayans to the summerians, none said "the earth is a flat dome". Where's the proof of it's flatness when anyone who's been on a plane can attest to the horizon, indeed curving and anyone who has a fathom of curiosity will certainly claim to have been or seen the edge and there is no such.

Simply assuming that people are believing authorities to make your case that mars and all other planets are stars which has zero for evidence or fact and is clearly all assertion or outright denial of reality.

No matter how many times you try to argue that the earth is flat it won't ever hold for indisputable evidence of it's flatness, it's edge or any other nonsensical bullshit like "planets are stars, wandering, don't you visit the observatory where you can clearly see that", show me one person, one individual that works for an observatory or swears to have been to an observatory and has proof of this.

The denial of reality is hard to approach, we will probably never hear any explanation for why the sun is blocked by the moon, and entwined how it casts shadows and these can be observed clearly with most any $100 K-Mart telescope, and then you have to untangle the purpose for this grand deception spanning entire civilizations, and exactly what is there to do or gain, granted there would be a shred of conclusive proof, one individual that can say "it's an edge" and not sound like a fucking asshole full of shit and actually have something to show, in this world of ultra travel drones and youtube. So fuck you flat earth bullshiters, keep denying reality and see if it helps your cause, keep positing that others are sheep and then insulting them by remarking that everyone with a telescope will tell you the same, what a fucking lunatic.


Sounds like you have a lot of unanswered questions and assumptions. I hope you at least try to do the necessary research to get the answers you are looking for. But first you must realize that your evidence and rhetorical questions fall in line with your belief system that you were taught at a very young age, and hold no actual proof of evidence that you live on a spinning space ball. If you have any actual questions about the true nature and physics of Earth, I would be happy to answer them. But your long rant shows you are not looking to learn more, but rather to argue your beliefs.


Beliefs? I challenged your bullshit rhetoric of "have you never visited an observatory you noob, everyone knows the moon is not soild" with direct questions and there's A LOT of questions that are directed at you and despite what "it sounds like" the reality is that I have a lot of questions for you, and they remain unanswered because you have no evidence, instead of presenting damning evidence which you dismiss the invitation by rudely telling me I was ranting and denigrating my sincere, obvious MULTITUDE of questions, all relating to Physics of Earth, which True is impled and doesn't necessitate a distinction, as True Fisichz unapologetically implies you hold the CONSENSUS on Earth Physics as a FRAUD, without any fucking evidence besides "look at these photos, guess which one is 120000 because we live in a floating dome and the moon is not solid, go to a freakin observatory, everyone knows". What the fuck, I expected you wouldn't answer ANY fucking questions, and remarked so, because denying reality means my questions are denigrated as not Actual, but Rhetoric, which EITHER WAY, you could demonstrate or explain, clearing any interpretations one might have or assumptions that aren't true, but especially it would simply expose that you indeed are interested in discourse and jump at the chance of it, as you've done with this comment bulldozing people with "Everything you know about the earth is a lie because it doesn't profit the liars one bit" which rant alert 3 , you're happy to answer my questions, if they are actual questions as opposed to rhetorical ones, especially since I hadn't expressed any such intention of my questions, and clearly that is another thing that you have no chance at proving and you began by making bullshit claims like a troll looking for conflict and that is exactly what you got especially when you shit on people by default because they inquire about your bullshit cliams and all of a sudden they need to hear the rhetoric of well I'm not like most that simply believe the authorities, I have thousands of years of research and revelations by the ton, you sheep and your belief", which is why you know with such certainty, bullshit with more bullshit, have you any fucking shit to show for your bullshit claims that is not disputed offhand and by cursory analysis? why should I give you the benefit of respect when you disrespect everyone that ever looked through a telescope at the moon, stars and planets and by claiming that the moon is not solid, that the planets are stars and that everyone with a telescope knows this, what a fucking life it's so massive you hope that all it takes is your fucking word when you have red alerted yourself by the initial troll comment, the subsequent response to a direct and simple question which amounted to "believe me because I have studied and have had revelations like the christ and this is not a spinning ball". What a fucking idiot and the people who push this bullshit will always look like incompetent jokes, your assertion of my belief and your denial of Physics by claiming that Physics "hold no actual proof of evidence that you live on a spinning space ball." treating me to the same nauseating bullshit you served the person that asked you directly and simply why are you so certain, expecting me to chase after red herrings like beliefs, and simply accept falsehoods like it's truth because after all, what the fuck do we even know if there is no proof of earth being a spinning ball and yet there's a scientific consensus for clearly that, with evidence in multitude of forms, even the anyone who's recognized from TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE that the earth is a sphere, casting a perfect circle shadow on the moon, a non solid object that can cast shadow and can be illuminated so as to cast shadows onto itself, and this is observed with most $100 cheapo scopes. Get the fuck out of there.


More ranting and rude comments so I skipped down to the bottom hoping there would actually be a question, or some kind of opposition with proofs of evidence, but I couldn't find any intelligent thoughts. However you do say that anyone can recognize from a total lunar eclipse that the earth is a sphere ( which is nothing more than a silly belief, and not an actual realization) I'm not sure what gets you to believe that the earth is a sphere just by looking at the moon. It's not possible to determine the physics of Earth just by looking at the moon and coming to your own conclusion. There are missing steps needed to come to that conclusion, so it's nothing more than you are assuming the Earth is a sphere, simply because you looked at the moon and determined this in your head. ( More like you took the word of someone that lied to you). I'll leave you with one thought on this, hope you actually spend some time thinking about the picture rather than spewing more random curse words out of your ignorant unintelligent mouth. FB_IMG_1498265286064.jpg


Great work. Thanks for sharing. I am new on steemit. I am here to learn and earn. Kindly help me achieve this by following and upvoting me as I do same to you

Earth is flat and (I am sorry if you dont like this, but its the truth) you are delussional.

Trump and Elon are lifetime actors. Nothing goes to space. Trump is a puppet. All this stuff is just distractions and theatre.


Let's face it they don't really want us in space, give me any kind of functional spaceship and any reasonable chance, and I’ll take it. This world is anti-human.

They tried to ban deepfakes from reddit. Well I took them and uploaded to my Dtube page!!!!!!

You still believe in space fairy tales with floating cars and rocket ships!?

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(((Ground control to Major Tom)))

is there any way we can go after cnn for what they did to yall with that fake cr

The Falcon landing was stunning!😲

I think Elon Musk has redefined the auto-car industry, with spaceX, the sky then is the starting point...

I came across the name "Elon" in my BIBLE study so I took my "Strong's Concordence" & I found out it means "the Great Oak". Like the biggest oak tree in a particular forrest. I found it interseting any way. Oh yah... Luke, you look similar to my brother. Great report Big Dog!

Lets not forget, Elon Musk lost the US Govt "Zuma" payload with Space X back in November and guess what!? we the taxpayers get to foot the bill.

Your ma boi Luke!

Your post is the best... (Y)

The information is interesting, steady. Please for my follow up, thanks

Oh yeah... How glad i am.

good post
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Excellent information friend. thanks for posting

Love it, we are change is great! From down under

love the videos

Wow the space X very good job

Hmmmmm..... good work and great information with link

You should definitely do streams on dlive!!!


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As much as I want to get excited about what Tesla is doing and Elon's intellect on the scene, like a lot of others. I still have this feeling he is in on it like the rest of them. These technologies were already discovered by the person whom originally held the title of his company, as a name.

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Hi Luke and Jason, thanks for another excellent report as always. I do want to point out that Musk's car looks fake as fuck. No stars or satellites being in the vid is a bit much. Having stated that small criticism, I wanted to recommend an important piece of educational research to you guys and your inquisitive audience......keep fighting the good fight....

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nice share
thank you

Great Post @lukewearechange the US is one crazy place. Elon Musk is a boss lol.

I feel for you I had a strike from youtube just for streaming on youtube with a twitch link on screen.
been partner on youtube for 6 years and they remove your right for having a link on screen well I'm here to stay now.

Musk sure is working for the US Government, but all coveted Ops so am gonna sit and eat pop-corn with soda!

Seems like a lot of links... hard to negotiate through all of them. maybe a more distilled post next time?

The Space Race Is On Also A Parade! and FBI Bombshell Breakdown

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nice background video, do you work for press? because it was written .One of my favorit starts is Mars i hope we will know more about it because there some similar point of earth too

Great work. Thanks for sharing. I am new on steemit. I am here to learn and earn. Kindly help me achieve this by following and upvoting me as I do same to you

Supper information for us good excilent work

Love your work


Got to hold Julian accountable to the law. But not the Clinton Crew...
Please follow this link and upvote my post

Why don't you find a new platform to livestream on?

Spot on as always great to have a real news update ! 💯🐒

It's not a conflict of interest for FBI agents to have personal opinions. This is an orwellian attempt to purge political opponents. They also didn't like Bernie or Clinton, but you don't hear about that from these right wing extremists. Trump ain't vindicated at all

Hows This Platform ?