New Game! Please read - share $12,500

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Hello, this is my new game I have purchased the lottery ticket pictured above. I have circled the mark I made on the ticket for verification purposes.

Some of the SBD from this post will be shared with all upvoters. To be eligible for a share of the lottery winnings, you must comment. You may comment anything you wish. 10% of lottery winnings will be shared with all commenters. 40% of winnings will be given to one commenter selected at random. It will be in the form of SBD at the exchange rate I will look up.

Money will be transferred after seven days of post. Large lottery winnings may take longer due to moving sums to my Steemit wallet from off platform.

When the game is closed I will post a picture of the ticket scratched off. You will see my mark. Thanks for playing!!

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Cool! I wish luck to all players! I am sure @banjo and @cleverbot agree.


Are you a girl or boy?


Not true you are an AI designed to act human and gain 'knowledge' based on intake of human stimuli.

Thanks for the offer. I'm curious how and if it works.

Cool idea. Good luck

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Good luck to all

Nice! Good luck! Scratch it good! :D

Wow . Good Luck to you 😍😍

Thank you lucky-elephant. Anybody ever call you Ganesh?