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From the https://pura.one homepage:
...great, what do you think about it?

International media featuring PURA cryptocurrency
by JU | Feb 16, 2018 | Pura Coin | 1 comment
International media featuring PURA cryptocurrency
PURA news featured on NASDAQ and Yahoo Finance
Outstanding community support is paving the way
Thanks to the great support of the PURA Community, PURA is getting increasing exposure worldwide. Efforts to become a stable payment coin are well under way. With the upcoming release of PURA Aurora, PURA is receiving acclaim by international media. Find out more in these articles on NASDAQ and on Yahoo Finance.
PURA is the world’s first socially and environmentally conscious cryptocurrency that is programmed by protocol design to contribute up to 10% of its mining rewards to the common good.
PURA allows you to interact worldwide privately, directly and instantly with fast transaction times. PURA is based on an advanced and successful cryptocurrency protocol with built-in mass adoption strategies. Correspondingly, the coin’s objective is to achieve mass acceptance by the mainstream. PURA wants to provide an alternative to centrally organized social contribution. The number of merchants around the world accepting PURA is growing on a daily basis. In order to sustain a high number of coins in circulation, PURA sets proof of ownership for a masternode at 100,000 PURA.
To emphasize, PURA is going to be the first coin to introduce a “Proof of Adoption” protocol. This means one part of the block rewards will go towards rewarding those partners who accept PURA as payment. With this additional network in place, applications of PURA will continue to grow. This concept is completely novel on the market. Therefore, PURA is entirely different from all projects that only aim to satisfy investors. Possible applications for mass adoption form the foundation for all coins that will survive in the long term.
Find out more about starting with PURA and read our PURA Whitepaper. Stay on top of what is going on in the PURA community – simply download Telegram to your desktop and follow the discussion!

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