Trying to get reputation back ! (Phishing victim)

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Hello Stemians

This post declines any rewards

A Few days ago I've lost my account. I logged in, in the fake login window. Hacker was posting phishing links from my account, and all I could do was waiting for steem support, to recover my account. Every post and comment hacker posted is now deleted or renamed. I got flagged many times. I hope no one of my friends did the same mistake. I'm not foolish enough to allow myself to be deceived twice. I need help to raise my reputation, and I will also help another phishing victims.

Thanks for support:)


This community is great. So many users are trying to help. Thanks :)

I’ll follow you and do what I can to help you out. Good luck brother

thank you :) I am thinking about start new account, maybe it will be better:) or just use two of them, untill I will get rep10

Nah man...all these guys have removed their flags...take the loss and keep going.

Am going to pull back my flags now!

Congrats on the successful recovery ;) Have an upvote for REP, too!

Be more careful in the future!

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I too have pulled my flags.

Glad to hear you got your account back. I think you deleted all but one comment that I flagged, and I removed that flag.

Good luck in recovering your reputation.

Thank you:)

Dont know, If my upvote help you. get your repo soon.

Thank You:)

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