Free Steem GiveAway !!!! Im doing this because I think we need to get more Steem in the hands of newbies.

in #new4 years ago

As an investor I think it is important. And in order for Stemit to grow the way we want it to. We need active users.
If we don't have active users promoting, pumping, adding content and telling their friends then we have nothing. Wouldn't you agree?

In order to qualify you have to have at least 2 posts.

I will go up vote your latest post and any comment you make on this post.

Have fun guys.

GO STEEMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Great!!! I could use some steem :)

Hello, how much you have invested? I have invested only some time and it was fun time mostly. I am thinking invest some funds, but maybe still waiting perfect timiming (buy low).

You want to buy now I think we have found a bottom 500 steem to 1 btc is pretty low

Hi, I have discovered Steemit ago 1 month, and I try every day to make new topic with real content. I like talking about subjects that I consider important, but that we not speak or little, or topics that speak to me!

Hey just keep tryining, you can never know when you hit a jackpot.

Sounds like a great idea

Hi ;)

I fully agree to your thoughts about the real value of steemit, which is the content created by active users. Unfortunately new users are getting frustrated easily if they are not making money in the short run. So hopefully giving them a boost helps them to dig deeper into this awesome experiment. Thanks for doing this!

I've been here a little while now, I have no idea where this will lead, but I'm enjoying the show!
I'm designing a collaborative called STEEM TEEM, got the website under construction and blogged about my musings here

hopefully it will bring more experienced creators, and their following to this platform. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

I am a member of #steemsquad, an initiative started by @juneaugoldbuyer. We invite you to join our chatroom and see what's in store for us minnows. Also use #steemsquad tag in your post to get attention from #steemsquad team and supporters. See you in the chatroom.

@juneaugoldbuyer Supported n UPVOTES , Follow 👍👍👍

This sounds like the minnowsunite and robinhood project :) Good to see more people uniting. Just joined the chat channel :)

It's a great idea :). I haven't made my first $1 here yet, or even .50 cents :P.

I'm right there with you buddy I have not even made $.25 yet. People like @juneaugoldbuyer and @bullionstackers are definitely good for this sight to keep people around.

I'll check out your posts. It's great if people can help each other out, we'll all do a lot better.

Back at you

Motivating content creators is hugely noble! We must get both quantity as well as quality. The more authors who feel they are successful, the more friends and colleagues they bring to the site to also add to the greatness. Well done sir!

When a large amount holders of the SP does not support, people will not increase.
So, try to actively support.

@juneaugoldbuyer is an honest steemian and a person of integrity. @juneaugoldbuyer can be counted on to follow through!

Thank you for all you do for the SteemIt community,
Steem on,

That's very generous. Happy days :) let's get this trending.

Great idea putting steem power into the hands of new investors

vote for you and make the free pie bigger


I tell everyone I know about steemit and try to post every day.

That's mighty kind of you! Keep paying it forward, whilst I go take a look at your posts.

Discovered Steemit a while ago. I am not a blogger but I was inspired by the platform to organise and write down some thoughts that have been in my head for years. So far my few articles haven't got much attention but I really don't mind. I loved writing them, and sometimes things don't seem real till you share them.

Hopefully others can get inspired by Steemit too.

I am gold. buy me. haha. Nice thing you are doing.

I hope more newbies can benefit from that. so I spread the words. probably because of the unstable system, or you should expect a lot more newbies flooding in! ^^

Thanks.. keep up the good work.

I am going to put up 2 more posts tonight.
Who will follow?

Why no one read instructions, you need at least 2 posts to qualified

I think it's wonderful! I write in Spanish . We are not small fish, we are barnacles . It is very difficult to create community in other languages ​​and is required to Steemit really grow . I have written three post , if you want you can vote the only one that is in English. The content of this post is different and very worked but has not been recognized. I am still learning. So thank you very much !

Steem on.

Awesome. Spread the love around and others will be more willing to do the same. I like it, @juneaugoldbuyer!

Thank you! You're one of the few who is trying to help the "little guy" out on this platform. I am grateful.

It's great to have steemians like you to encourge newbies. Honestly, I have written both high and low quality articles. And i want invest more in steem power.

Hi @juneaugoldbuyer, is it too late for the giveaway? Thanks for what you are doing anyways! =^^=

Sounds like a great idea,active users are very important.
Thank you very much!

Thanks for doing this. I'll prefer if you can have a look at my post before last.
Came to know this from post from @deanliu . Power to @deanliu. :-)

gotta love this Steemit commUNITY!

Thanks for supporting ~I enjoy in steemit world and try my best to make my world better and better~and I will keep going in this world~Thank you~^^

this is a great idea hope that it still is valid.

Need more good auther ,not bots.

Hello. Where are your upvotes for me? I already did several comments and upvotes in your posts.

This place needs more people like you.

Great idea, Many thanks

【AFTER CREATION】( First Published. Chinese Fantasy Novel.)
Latest chapter:
Other chapters: #aftercreation
Hoping to get your help.

Can you please take that off the screen please ?

If whales all take this kind of approach Steemit can not lose.

This is awesome!
I am grateful for the UPvote of this comment and also as you say the UPvote of the most recent blog.
While selfishly I am grateful for the support I also respect and appreciate you for such a post! It is an honorable move!
Hopefully most as I have also UPvote your post. This is a great demonstration of community benefit.
Thanks for all you contribute to the Steemit Community!
I hope to be able to also contribute valuable presence. I have followed and UPvoted and hope for the same!

Hi. Nice initiative. I am looking to join steemsquad...

I commend you and others that join you on this! There are always going to be issues, such as the image of consolidated power of whales.

Seeing things like this need to be seen more by the community. It's way to easy for the negative stories to overshadow the positivity and hope many established people on here try to share.

I just wanted to say thanks and I hope things like this get some notoriety! :)

Thanks @juneaugoldbuyer! I don't know how this post does not have over 500 upvotes this crazy.

all my posts have zero cents. pick the one you want to give the upvote to.

@juneaugoldbuyer You're awesome! You kept your word and made me a potential .35 cents on one of my articles. It's an all time high for me :P. Thanks :)

You are hero to newbie!
people post less than before recently.

Thanks for doing this..

Aw! Thank you for caring so much about others and about this community! I will upvote you as well, although my Steem Power is still fairly small.

I haven't seen anything like this so far on Steemit. What an awesome idea.

Hello. Thank you sir

I do not mind if you upvote me :)

Thanks.. you are doing great job.

Спасибо вам за добрые слова! Это действительно может стимулировать! Живо, очень!

That is so kind.. also @bitcoiner just gave away 1 SBD to the first 40ppl who finished a sentence for him "Steemit is _________ " (contest closed now)
It's just amazing the goodwill that this platform is bringing out in people.

You're a great man. Thanks

This is what we need. Thanks for supporting the community. For this thing to grow we all need to pitch in.

To anyone reading this: Do your part! Spread the word, go show someone new the ropes. Let's make this the best platform the world has seen.

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