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@dantheman give half of the curation voting power and rewards to the 99%. Also give 20% of the new steem created each day to the newbies that are actively using steemit. The more active they are the more they get paid.
We also need a direct bank link or at very least a paypal connection. So the masses of none crypto users can get in. The social media Butterflies


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Why don't you just try to contribute and earn your way in? I started with nothing a month ago, and look at me today. If you want it, you can do it.


wow!!!!! nice job Steve

Something defiantly needs to be done!
I don't want to say exactly, because I won't pretend like I am completely aware of all the factors of this complicated platform.
What I can say is that almost no one has any influence and so it is disheartening to use Steemit for the majority.
I can say that I do feel hard work, consistency and intelligence can build a successful experience here but without more allocation of wealth its really not worth it for everyone or even most.
I have invested hundreds of hours and still have almost no power, my vote is still almost worthless and I only make any money on posts when a WHALE UPvotes. If a post REQUIRES a WHALE to make any money than very few people will be making money.
I am assuming dan did not respond to this post? There are a lot of people saying a similar thing...Hopefully he is listening.

I feel I Am Active
I need, want and desire more voting power too
Thanks For Posting

Very nice
Who is giving away?

@juneaugoldbuyer ,
Like it ✅
Love it ✅
Support ✅
Upvoted ✅
I follow n supported many , Upvoted many , I believe they have forgotten me!!!


juneaugoldbuyer good post , good ideas