Ubanx, Your first blockchain retail place

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Recent years have seen a major breakthrough and growth in virtual currencies and distribution of ledger technologies. Blockchain technology has shown to be ready to form anew, if not all, then most of the vital aspects of our society for its development, changing existent infrastructures into better ones and creating new consumer-business chances. However, existing digital currencies and distributed ledger technologies fail to seize the available market since they do not provide practical benefits and easiness that customers look for. The Ubanx platform is bridging this gap by connecting the digital and physical world with its physical spaces for blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Ubanx goal is to make physical places for the crypto world through a connection of retail and community physical locations where customers (who are considered members) of the ubanx ecosystem can meet, learn and connect with user-friendly consumer apps and the best blockchain-based and digital financial solutions. The ubanx community will be powered by the Banx Token (developed, audited and secured by external advisory company) that will enable ubanx members attain real-life benefits, interact and exchange value with each other. Holders of the Banx tokens will be entitled to many benefits and values from the ubanx team. Members (customers) and promoters of the ubanx community (ambassadors) will have access to ubanx spaces that links the crypto world and the real world, a user account to keep banx tokens and other cyptocurrencies for sending, receiving and paying for crypto related products and services and crypto exhanges while receiving promotions and discounts. There would be multiplication of community members benefits through integration and partnership with merchants, fintech and other third party industries. The ubanx community would be encouraged to start their own projects based on the blockchain technology. Ubanx crypto school would bridge the gap in knowledge between retail clients and sophisticated investors by providing training and courses on crypto-related topics. Also, ubanx members will form workgroups to discuss and propose ideas on ubanx ecosystem. Ubnax will use auctions to reward members the right to operate ubanx spaces called zones. Another amazing services ubanx team will be offering its members is VIP access to services such as priority pass. These benefits and many more would be readily accessible to ubanx community through the ubanx tokens. Currently, there is no project that gives something instantly back like the ubanx project.
In all one billion ubanx tokens will be distributed. 35% of the tokens would be distributed through private pre-sale and 25% through public sales. Token allocation is shown in the image below:
A purchaser would receive 20-40% bonus tokens on the purchased tokens depending on the mount in EUR of tokens bought. The buying of Banx tokens will be available to only registered participants with ethereum as the only accepted purchased currency. Also, the banx tokens would be used to reward bounty https://ubanx.io/bounty campaigners to grow the Ubanx platform. 10% of the token supply would be used to partner with other companies to grow the Ubanx ecosystem. Read more on Banx tokens here https://ubanx.io/token.
From 2013-2016, Ubanx team started to propagate the capabilities of bitcoin and blockchain technology, launched the former productgram app in US, participated in creating the largest coworking spaces network in South America and developed Bitsign. In 2017, Ubanx went public with its proposed value, developed important technology to support Banx tokens and early investors, new partners and advisors were welcomed onboard. 2018 will see Banx token Sale, Launching of Ubanx mobile app and crypto school and listing of Banx on exchange. The year 2019 will see Ubanx contributing to bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain to the public, announcement and auctioning of Ubanx spaces.
With Pablo Orlando Trackzuk as president of the Ubanx team, Ubanx brings together experts in the field of finance, technology, design, engineering and entrepreneurship. Ubanx also has first-class experienced advisors and participants in major projects to provide their expertise to make the Ubanx goal a reality. With a group of amazing team and advisors like this, fortune is bound to happen to the Ubanx project. What Ubanx team is planning to provide the public is nothing less than amazing.

Useful Link:
Website: https://ubanx.io/
Whitepaper: http://wp.ubanx.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/UbanxSpaces
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UbanxSpaces
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ubanxspaces/


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