Bad Customers

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The one thing that pisses me off today is that most people think they can treat u how ever they want when they go out to any restaurant. The one that pisses me off the most is the one who thinks just cause they have some money they cant treat u however they want and supposedly it makes them better than u. Lmfao ur teacher obviously didn't teach u about success. It really ticks them off when i tell em nope im not an idiot like u. U went to school to achieve what i did when i was 19.I have technically been semi retired since 19.. Im only working to pass the time... Its soo funny to see them act like a 5yr old when they hear that..Another one that ticks me off is the one who causes problems just to get something for free. Seriously those people are smucks because i have homeless people who pay for their food and dont cause any problems. then u got this asshole who has a job trying to get something for free because they dont know how to manage their ever.then u got that guy who just causes problems because they think they're a bad ass when they're not. Whatever people are smoking to get them to act this way they need to stop doing it.. Remember we make ur food ,and most of us have more money than u because were the real bad asses on those streets. soo grow the fuck up and start treating people with respect , and quit try to fuck up our day just cause youre not happy the way ur life turned out..

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great post....would you like to visit my profile???


i will when i get a chance 2

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