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RE: Steem for GOLD !!!!!! First GOLD BUYER on steemit !!!!!!!!!!!! Thats me !!!!!!!!!!!!

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@juneaugoldbuyer, I am a member of the GPAA/LDMA. To prepare myself as a gold prospector during retirement, I have been practicing panning and running concentrates through equipment (like the Gold Cube). I have a few pickers (nothing like the nuggets you see from the Yukon or Alaska) and the rest mostly gold dust. My largest picker is about 1/4 troy oz. and the smallest about 1 gram. The gold is from all around the country and the majority is from the southeast U.S. and Alaska. The 1/4 troy oz. nugget is from California.
I have been researching where gold refiners are closest to Nebraska. The closest I have found so far is in Missouri. I'm not ready to sell yet, but I am interested in where/who I can sell to.

  • Do you buy gold jewelry only or do you also buy raw gold?
  • Do I need to melt it down into a very small doer (I think that right) before sending it or do you accept raw (unprocessed) gold?
  • Do you pay more for pickers than raw gold melted down (i.e., I should not melt down my pickers)?
  • Is there a minimum amount of gold you will accept?
  • And finally, I assume a person from the lower 48 would mail gold to you. Is that correct? And if so, is there paper work that needs to filled out before sending it?

I am mostly curious at this point and not ready to sell.

Thanks in advance!

Steem on,


Yes Mike I am an expert at buying any kind of gold. And no you dont need to melt the gold before you send it to me. If you ever make it to Juneau AK ill show u some good spots close to town. Juneau is a cruise ship destination.

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