Make Passive Income Sufing The Net, While Defending Against Cryptojackers with Brave Browser!

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Simply put Cryptojacking is a virus that forces computers to mine Crypto for the bad guy, so how can Brave protect you?

One of the main ways your computer gets infected with malware is simply by browsing to sites that have malware embedded in the ads and even scrips such as Java script. Cryptojacking is malware that infects computers and forces them to mine Crypto for the person using it. Cryptojacking is not some small problem, this is something that any script kiddie (or anyone tech savvy and willing) can download of the dark net to leverage against anyone they can infect. While it might not seem like having your computer forced to mine for someone else is a big problem, it is. If you computer is not designed to mine (and even if it is), is can cause the following issues:

  • Slow system performance.
  • System over heating.
  • High Electric bills.
  • Power Supply and or Motherboard failures.
    Cryptojacking malware can be leveraged against home computers but they normally target businesses. The Brave browser has the ability to block adds and scrips, thus protecting the user from picking up malware while browsing the internet. Now the Brave browser will also allow you to earn money while browsing in the future, Brave has partnered with Basic Attention Token (BAT). Together they are working on a system that will allow users to ether block all ads, or receive Basic Attention Tokens for viewing very selective ads that specifically pertain to the user. Here is more information on earning money with the Brave Browser, while it is in the works it is not complete yet:
    Here is a link to download the brave browser, below:
    Now it is important to uderstand that Cryptojacking software can also be spread via spam E-mail and can even be installed on a system once a hacker breaks in. Here is a representation of how a Cryptojacking malware works:

    Of course all of these actions take place in the background so the computer user is none the wiser. If your Virus scan does not detect a Cryptojacking malware you might be able to figure it out based on the computers performance. If your computer starts to run very slow and you notice the fan runs constantly, that would be a good indicator of a problem. Here is some more information on Cryptojacking that you might find helpful:
    Basic Attention Token has been doing well as of lately, I was very bullish on BAT 6 months ago, (I was very early), but it is not doing what I thought it would have then. Both of these articles from Embomb701 were written 6 months ago and both explain why we are bullish on BAT. Further more BAT Might soon be listed on Coinbase. We areBullish on BAT, and we use the brave browser on all of our devices.

I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice, invest at your own risk.

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