A little about me.

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I'm Jim, an off gridder in central BC, thus the handle Down Home BC. My sweetie and I have been plugging away on our 80 acre homestead for about 8 years. We have solar, septic and running water now, YEA. I just learned of Steemit today. I was checking in with American Homestead on YouTube and Zac was talking about Steemit and Papa Pepper, checked it out was quite impressed and opened an acct. Looking forward to spending time with folks here. TTFNIMG_0599.JPG Just a few of my swamp donkey friends passing through.

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Off gridding is something I have always wanted to do


Its a good life, can be cold and wet and sore at the end of the day, but it is a freedom that is tangible.


I hear you loud and clear

The old saying is so true

Its lonely at the top, but the view is great :) keep grinding :)

Yay for life's simple pleasures like running water! Haha good for you guys!

I've never seen a moose in real life! That's awesome!