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I hate to say this, but I know everything about you, even what you're trying to forget or hide .... do you want to check this?
It is worthwhile to bring one fact from your life that only you and I know and you will lose balance for a moment, but first think about this ... who am I?

In fact, I am a part of you, although to look at us from the side you have to look in the mirror, next time look deeper and you will fade me.
I am your ambitions and dreams that you must realize, since you are worthy of all that you desire!
Do not trust? Then I will prove to you and when I do this you will not have a way back.
I'm the sign that you are waiting for, in 30 minutes this message is permanently removed from your vkontakte and you can either wave it and do not believe it, or join the community where you will find all the answers to your questions.

Will you miss the opportunity again or will it be different this time?
I know what will happen next, because I am you.

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interesting...freaked me out for a few seconds