Fuck Thanksgiving

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A long long time ago, some white folks sailed across the vast ocean to disprove the flat earth theory, while in search of a new land..It was a treacherous voyage, and some lost their lives to various illnesses..
Finally, they reached the new world, but they quickly realized they were not alone on this new land, as it was inhabited with peculiar people, with peculiar ways..The natives were wary at first of the new white aliens, and with hind sight being 20/20 they should have abided in their wariness..
The natives better instincts were quickly eclipsed by their compassion, and accepted the white man into their sacred circle, and taught them their ways, in order to survive in this new land. The white aliens learned fast from the natives, and adapted so well that they could now survive without the natives..
Then there was a grand feast. The very first Thanksgiving!! It was a grand feast, a sight to behold..There was laughter and happiness as the natives and aliens dined together in harmony..

   Fast forward>> Turns out, this would be the last dinner of its kind between the two..The white aliens wanted to repay the natives for all their kind help, in the best way they knew how. Villages were burned, children murdered, women raped..

The genocide of a entire culture was in place..

Fast forward>> (x2) The only remmenants remaining of this beautiful culture today, are on “Indian reservations”, AKA shithole trailer parks in the desert, enveloped in booze, drugs, and poverty...

So with all that being said. Fuck Thanksgiving!!!!!

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