How to Recognize Weed

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Weed generally sounds like a light-green flavoring mixture, though in contrast to room herbs, it's lumpy instead of finely shredded. one amongst the foremost distinctive characteristics of weed is that the smell -- it's a really pungent and recognizable odor, each in its unburnt state and whereas being smoke-cured. This odor is sort of in contrast to room herbs, though weed may be cut (mixed) with benign room herbs like oregano and parsley. Once you recognize the smell of marijuana, you'll notice it as third-hand smoke on the breath or covering of marijuana smokers -- UN agency is also unaware of however robust and obvious the odor is to people. Learning to acknowledge the smell of weed will keep you knowing whether or not you're within the company of a marijuana user, and whether or not you're being offered marijuana to smoke.


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