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Have you ever wondered,'what is the future of our earth?
Because of what they see happening to our beautiful planet,many think that our earth may not survive. Indeed,today the ear is being ruined by the abuse of precious resources,such as water,forests and delicately balanced atmosphere,also some scientists warn that the earth and all life on it may be threatened by such things as a large meteorite, an exploding star, or the exhaustion of the Sun's hydrogen of fuel.

 Scientist also believed that the earth will gradually perhaps over many billions of years-lose the ability to sustain human life,the people known as the  Encyclopedia Britannica describes this as''the irreversible tendency towards disorder.,, what do you think?are they yelling the truth about this earth?what does the future hold for you?

   Happily, the Bible assures us all that Jehovah God will not allow our earth to be destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. As a creator, he has limitless''dynamic energy'',so he can sustain the universe indefinitely (Isaiah 40:26)so let's put faith in his word saying: Jehovah God has founded the earth upon its established places; it will not be made to totter to time indefinite or forever''praise him,you sun and moon.praise him all you stars and light for he himself commanded and they were created and he keep them standing forever psalm 104:5;148:3-6.  Let's have faith God knows  what's best for us all.


I hope you will like the word I share with you all my steemians thank you very much I will be back.......smiling.

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