Harm your feet and cold your mind

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Hi dear friends
Good morning to all of my sweetest friends and have a nice day
I hope your are fine and read my post so today I talk about our health
How to make our good health .
Small sentence give you long meaning
Warm your feet and cold your head
This sentence is very important for me
It is very expensive in our life

warm your feet

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Today our work is easy with the help of computer we sit and finish our work but they are not good for our body
They make our feet and body cool but it's not good
Can you imagine you are sick your body can't with you and they not done their work properly
Your mistake when you make your feet and body warm they work properly
You need to excersise
Warm your foot it's a small sentence but it's very beneficial .
Your try to walk and work they make your health fit

Cold your mind

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Every day moments change in our life some give happiness and some give stress some time we angery with someone and some time we are more stress full for everything . We need to cool down our mind with love peace and happiness
Our stress is harmful for our brain and body.
If you are follow this sentence in your life believe me you live your life with your wishes


You are great medician I like your post dear I hope you can improve more your writing skils and keep work hard

Thanks dear

Daily jogging and yoga can solve all complex health problem

You are right dear this words is very beneficial