Germaine Greer Attacked Beyonce and Others for Wearing Revealing Clothing

in #new4 years ago

Feminist academic and author, 76-year-old, Australian creator and women's activist, released a furious tirade against uncovering attire and singled out Beyonce for her stage outfits.

Greer is viewed as a noteworthy supporter of the second-wave women's activist development. Her questionable thoughts initially became known when she discharged her first book, The Female Eunuch. Her book contended that ladies are constrained into tame parts in the public arena to satisfy men's suspicion of a ladies' part in the public arena. In her other composed works, Greer cleared up that her objective isn't to accomplish balance with men in any case, rather, to free ladies from harsh society desires.

In her ongoing explanation against Beyonce, she stated, "Somebody like Beyonce who I believe is a phenomenal artist, a delightful voice as valid as a chime. Umm, why has she generally got the opportunity to be f***ing stripped and have wearing scanty garments? Why?" She proceeds, "I'm not saying you need to keep your garments on however for what reason is sexual show some portion of the activity? I should make that inquiry of a barmaid who says she doesn't get any tips on the off chance that she doesn't indicate cleavage."

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