2018 Here We Come (original photo)

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Well, here we are at the tail-end of yet another year. It has been an interesting one for me, and a slow one in my attempts at Steem blogging. I tend to try too many things at once, thereby running into a roadblock. I have found myself attempting more Haiku poems, but have yet to find the perfect photos (of my own), so that I can share them. Funny thing is, I find myself counting out the words.

This photo here, I just did on my laptop, and was super easy to come up with. So, somewhere in my little brain, is a talented being who wants out. I am planning on spending each day in January to post something. If I succeed, then it should be easier to keep going, and not stand behind my own roadblock. If I don't succeed posting each day, I will give myself a set number of days per week, to post. I really want out of my deadbeat job, and to make that happen, I need to change ME. A bunch of small steps, can eventually lead to bigger ones, right?

What ways will you all challenge yourselves in the new year? What are your goals, plans for 2018?
Happy New Year to one and all.

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You have a lot of talent. Keep working it in '18 and you'll build something to replace your job. I'll be here to lend support. :)


Thank you @kenny-crane. Now, more than ever I will be doing so. I appreciate the support I get from many steemers. I tell myself, small steps to start, and find a rope or ladder, for those roadblocks and climb over them.