Booster Vanellope - A New BIG Feature that will make YOU extra liquid daily money!

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Now you can be part of @booster directly through the vanellope program, vote when Booster votes and receive up to 75% of the bids you upvote directly to your wallet from @booster!!


At @Booster we enjoy listening to our community, so on popular demand with @whatsup being the whip, @inertia added this amazing functionality that allows you and your friends to be part of @Booster, which will make you liquid SBD/STEEM every day when you don't vote yourself!

We are now finished beta-testing this feature, and now you too can join!

To join this service you need to sign up using and authorize the accounts you own to be part of the @Booster Network. You set your own voting-power threshold.

Reducing the amount of daily refunds by adding more upvote accounts

During a voting-window we refund a lot of accounts when their bid is too small for @Booster to upvote as the blockchain has limitation. With Vanellope we make it possible to vote for all those posts as well, and for that YOU get rewarded!


We have FULL SUPPORT 24/7 on this feature and the following:

  • @Booster (Whale Upvote Bot with 10 voting-windows per day)
  • @Frontrunner (Guild that votes before Booster and make great curation rewards)
  • @SpeedVoter (Dolphin Upvote Bot with 360 voting-windows per day)
  • @Banjo (Ai, Upvote, STEEM, GOLOS data gathering & investigation-bot)
  • @CuriosityBot (Discord Bot with STEEM & GOLOS Wallet serving over 50,000 people)
  • @fyrst-witness (STEEM-Witness, finding & signing blocks & providing nodes to our services and support Open Source development & Steem Advertisement
  • @SteemADS (Avertisement service that allows you to earn extra on your blog after 7 days - will be available for public after HF20)


As always, at Discord, you can talk directly with us about all our services, play with them and give us feedback or feature requests. Please use the public voice-chat instead of Private Messages. With 3000-4000 active users it can be a bit much to go through.

Have fun and Enjoy this new feature!
Sincerely, the @Booster Team


Please upvote or refund money:
4 часа назад Перевод 5.000 SBD к booster

yes sir, @inertia will get back to you just come to and ask @inertia and you will have yopur problem resolved

are you sure you didn't try sending a boost to the same post twice?

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Hi, is the bot down? It has been over four hours since I put in my request!?!

okay great lets see wht happn and success

I've sent you guys 5 SBD and did not receive an upvote or my SBD back... can you look into it?

You @sunflowerlay @jarzonek and @steinreich will all be helped just come onto and ask @inertia

But please tell us if you accidentally sent a boost to the same post more than once?

I send 3 SBD and received not upvote

4 hours ago

I really love using your services :)

Thanks for upvoting me

I send 3 SBD and received not upvote

This is a great development and one I need to join. Have had a great experience with the bot so far.

This is so great! You got the great point here.

Good news. I will give it a try and gonna see how it goes.

wow, I like it, this is amazing. Thanks alot @booster

Good news but I dont understand. I have registered @muhammadyaniScreenshot_2018-02-24-21-08-25.png

this is an extraordinary news for us . This refresh will be extremely useful for us. Much obliged to you for helping . Your help truly I am intriguing.

I like it very much. I will try it. really you are brriliant


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They are the maximum, when you want to visit me! @booster

Oh that's a great news for steemains :)

good news for beginners. many thanks for your post. this has become a very good momentum.

that's pretty cool to know.

good news for beginners. many thanks for your post. this has become a very good momentum.

I will done up vote

Great job. Carry on. I have full support for u.

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How can we got this

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Oh my that's a real icing on cake. Haha thanks for the update. Great article.👍👍

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Upvote and resteemit done...😊😊

Hi! @booster, I see your recent updates on steemit..... thanks for share with us. @upvoted this post.

thanks a lot for this gift. I will read this in a quiet second. You do everything here and now. This way you induce the biggest effect in future. I upvoted and resteemed

this is an awesome boost :D

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thanks sir @inertia

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@SteemADS (Avertisement service that allows you to earn extra on your blog after 7 days - will be available for public after HF20)

How is that going to work? Interesting.

Hello @booster I gave 0.300 sbd for 3 hours but still did not vote in my post. Please give me a vote or return my SBD @sojibul

Congratulations @booster, this post is the seventh most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Hero account holder (accounts that hold between 10 and 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Hero account holders during this period was 422 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $10480.74. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

nice service congras

How do i sign up?

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote

Mungkin bisa untuk dicoba.

Wow, what a great idea! ;) (lol)

I really appreciate the team putting this together! It is a great tool for managing SteemPower, and supporting new accounts who get priced out of some of the other bots!

sir, how can i get booster..... would you please tell me....??

wow..great experience share to your post.thanks and thanks a lot of all idea sharing with us,you all post i like its really good,i enjoy read your all post,
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hehehe, @banjo - your "brain" is a mystery to us :)

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Hey guys I've sent you 0.19 sbd and i didn't get any upvote or my money back can you please look into it?

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Great news for steemit !

I think it's good news for Steemit! :)

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not get upvote

booster no upvote my post Screenshot_20180225-150921.pngScreenshot_20180225-150921.png

Our amazing @Booster program as a steemian is happy to see this community getting more and more growing thanks @Booster!

Hello..... Vote me please...?!!

Hellow....please don't beg for upvotes...??!

Where is my reward?

im small and new user😰

g ko vote punya awak ee

3 hours ago I paid 2STEEM and did not receive an upvote. Any idea why?

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This is a good support. I am intrested that.

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I have a lot of love steem I make you but never in my upvote disappointed berbisni with you if baseball in the upvote home all steem I thank this one link

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@booster, will I get a refund or the upvote will just be delayed?


Hi Booster I feel your post is very useful, allow me to translate it into Indonesian, so that my friends who in Indonesia can find out

I've tried to join on vanellope, but without success

Refund or something???)

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best news upvote done

Very helpful post @booster thanks so much.i love the simple steps u have given us... Cheers

Thanks for the upvotes keep up the good work 👏

So after I entered my info, blank screen that wouldn’t go anywhere.


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Please Return me 0.567 SBD or upvote my post

Please Return me 1.1 SBD or upvote my post

Can you check it out

just one question about your services...
shouldn't I expect at least the same amount back that I sent?
how much time it may take for you to vote?

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