Never have I ever... walked out of a movie because it was bad.

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Anyone who at some point in their lives has done the action above must comment below with the story about how it went down! OR if your little shy just upvote the "I Have" comment below. The game usually has each person drink for having done so but that will be entirely up to you ;)

Although I was very very close one time I have not

Thank you to anyone who actually comment with the story would love to hear them!!

More Never Have I Ever... to come!

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I did once and only once. It was the movie Jurassic World. Me and my friends went but we decided to do some Ecstasy before the movie. We had a pretty good time talking before the movie started and we continued even when it began. So we left the movie and had a really good time afterwards. smoked some joints and it was probably one of the best nights of my life.


Well gladly you actually remembered one of the best nights of your life! Ecstasy and some joints , accompanied by a couple drinks I'm thinking but who knows, I'd be a bit fuzzy. Prob a good idea to leave the movie at that point , tho it's not a bad movie. Glad to bring back memories!


Upvote here if you're a bit to shy to comment ;) but still have.

Ooops. Was answering the other one here.


Well glad to hear!! but I think you commented on the wrong never have I ever 😜 Usually bounces just throw you out , must have been a rough night lol


My Wife made me leave the movie "Hollow Man". The part when, Actor Keven Bacon, goes crazy and killed the invisible dog for barking all the time. She did not find entertainment in that. She demanded a refund for our tickets. We did not, however, receive compensation for Popcorn and Drinks.


That part is defiantly rough for animal lovers , prob could have been done without it , but then again it shows just how insane he becomes. Good work on getting the refund , most people don't know they can pretty much get a refund anytime before the end of the movie , my sister has defiantly pulled that one.

I walked out of 3000 Miles to Graceland... I still don't know what made me walk in.

I have!! I can't even remember what the movie was called it was so bad! It was a good 10 years ago and was one where the comedy was so incredibly bad that I couldn't take it anymore and had to leave :o