Never have I ever... been arrested.

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Anyone who at some point in their lives has done the action above must comment below with the story about how it went down! OR if your little shy just upvote the "I Have" comment below. The game usually has each person drink for having done so but that will be entirely up to you ;)

And No I haven't ;)

thank you to the brave soles who actually comment with the story would love to hear them!!

More Never Have I Ever... to come!

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Dumb pigs arrested me in college for what they called Constructive Possession (Read: being brown while outside and just near a weed pipe).

It happened by the lake, in the gazebo. I was with a group of people and there was a bowl in there as well, but this wasn't surprising as the spot was known as a smoke spot in addition to being a hangout spot.

Suddenly, a goon in a security uniform walked by, saw a bowl on the floor and enacted his greatest secret fantasy of being relevant somehow. He called the value extraction team (police), who then made all the young (all white except for me) people sit there until someone confessed to owning the pipe.

People started crying, everyone was chitter chattering and I was sleepy and bored, so I stood up and said "look, no one here owns that. We didn't even see it there until Columbo over there spotted it"

Suddenly I'm against the wooden post being touched all over and placed in handcuffs. The young white people were then allowed to go while I was escorted to a pig-mobile.

They took me to their pig pen and tried to scare me with their authoritative words. I just stayed quiet and said "it wasn't mine and you arrested me for contempt of cop". Piggy piggy didn't like that and wound up taking it all the way to court.

Of course, I lawyered up because fuck the pigs. All the charges were dropped, and the judge said that Constructive Possession means "made up".

Funniest part? I happened to actually have weed on me, in my pocket. When I saw that the wanna be pig was gonna call the real hogs, I slipped it into my crotchal area and gave the security piggie a big middle finger while holding eye contact.

I was fingerprinted, processed, and eventually let go from the stinky pig pen to go about my life, and the whole time I was breaking their "laws".

Pigs suck, and pork is bad for your life.


Now that is a story , damn!


Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now…


Upvote here if you're a bit to shy to comment ;) but still have.

Miraculously never. I did some very stupid things in my youth but always stayed out of police cuffs somehow. Now bouncers' cuffs... different story lol.


Wow, that is defiantly a story and the news coverage as well, and really just for not having a dog license??


Yeah, I got a summons to go to court over it and I ignored it so they arrested me for failure to appear. I schooled the cop all the way to the jailhouse about his real duty.


Yup, just look at all the good government does

Gnarly story man