Barry Cooper's Official NeverGetBusted Volume 2: NeverGetRaided

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This is Volume 2 of the wildly popular DVD was formerly banned for sale by Paypal, GooglePay and Amazon. NeverGetRaided was reported by every major media outlet in the world including being featured in the hit documentary, "How To Make Money Selling Drugs." This is truly a one–of–a–kind DVD that has helped masses avoid being arrested and caged. There is nothing like it anywhere.

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  1. Growing Marijuana Outdoors
  2. Indoor Growing
  3. "Knock & Talk"
  4. Canine-Proofing Your Home
  5. Spotting Undercovers
  6. Spotting Informants
  7. Selling Marijuana Safely
  8. A Plea To Police
  9. NeverGetBusted's Message To Parents

Learn how to pass a drug test, win your drug case, and learn how to Never Get Busted at

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