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In this day and age, it is very important to help like minds get ahead. In whatever fields we are in let's bring together collective pools and minds together to help one another grow on Steemit and Dtube and Patreon and other platforms where indigo minds can prosper.

I will help follow and grow and encourage all people that do the same for me. From time to time I may need help in something and will post an ad through to get it done. I also believe in sharing and spreading posts from Steemit to other platforms to help enable more people coming over to Steemit and build market share growth that we can all reap and benefit by putting steem power in our pockets and wallets and banks.

I offer right off the back my skills as a master of ceremony or reporter or interviewer to any topic if anyone would be in need of such a person. I am also an actor and a radio show host.I consider myself a cool guy and not a stuffed shirt. So I am selling myself to you so you know who I am. I gave and gave and gave and now would like to receive and of course do better in life in all aspects. At the moment I am poor only in financials and assets but wish not to stay that way.

What I am proposing is if people need help let me know if I can help or assist. I shall do the same for others. If you follow me and will also follow you. Let's build a great team.

My expertise in topics are as follows: 1)Rock n Roll 2)Ufology 3)Paranormal 4) Ghosthunting 5) dealing with being an Empath 6) Alien Abduction and as stated below can run interviews through the web on various topics for various uploaders in audio/video.

I am new to Steemit two days now so be easy on me I am a virgin still, lol.

James Borg

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