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What is TCP/IP?

  • Transmission control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  • Developed by DARPA
  • No official protocol standard

TCP/IP Layers

  1. Application
  2. Transport
  3. Internet
  4. Network Access (Host-to-network)

Application Layer

  • Handles high-level protocols, issues of representation, encoding, and dialog control.
  • The TCP/IP combines all application-related issues into one layer, and assures this data is properly packaged for the next layer.
    • FTP, HTTP, SMNP, DNS ...
    • Format of data, data structure, encode …
    • Dialog control, session management …

Transport Layer

  • The transport layer deals with the quality-of-service issues of reliability, flow control, and error correction.
    Segments, data stream, datagram.
    • Connection oriented and connectionless.
    • Transmission control protocol (TCP).
    • User datagram protocol (UDP).
    • End-to-end flow control.
    • Error detection and recovery.

Internet Layer

  • Send source packets from any network on the internetwork and have them arrive at the destination independent of the path and networks they took to get there.
    • Packets, Logical addressing.
    • Internet Protocol (IP).
    • Route , routing table, routing protocol.

Network Access Layer

  • Concerned with all of the issues that an IP packet requires to actually make the physical link. All the details in the OSI physical and data link layers.
    • Electrical, mechanical, procedural and functional specifications.
    • Data rate, Distances, Physical connector.
    • Frames, physical addressing.
    • Synchronization, flow control, error control.

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