Net neutrality will die and so will Verizon & AT&T

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Those corporations will never stop, there is just too much money to be made, or that is what they believe their short term thinking.

I was always impressed by how easy it is to buy out an individual and have him act against the interests of humanity. That someone this time is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

Companies like Apple, Google & Facebook have been always looking for ways to disrupt the telecom industries and have their own infrastructure.

Google created Google Fiber and also tries spread internet in remote places with balloons (Project Loon). Facebook tries to do the same with drones (Aquila). Apple is more discreet moving slowly towards disruption (Apple SIM card).

But within the USA, we have an oligopoly that will take some time to get rid of. It is the same story with the oil, meat, tobacco, banking industries. But those industries are just running out of time, they are probably aware of that and try to make as much as possible before they R.I.P.

SpaceX has recently announced the deployment of space internet.

I have good faith in that project and Elon Musk. While initially it won’t be for consumers on earth, it can eventually provide internet access to us.

For that reason I am closing all my stock positions in AT&T, Verizon & Comcast to cast my vote. I am even doing this at a loss, but it is a vote worth paying for.

I wish SpaceX was public already but it is not. I will reallocate the funds to Tesla, which is as close as I can get to supporting Elon Musk.

We might lose net neutrality for a while, but I am quite positive that it will return.

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