The Net Neutrality Fear Mongering Proven Wrong in 2018. #netneutrality

net neutrality fear mongering exposed.jpg

And these same people arguing for more government control of the internet due to some arbitrary standard of "neutrality" are also the same people deplatforming others from social media and online services. The ignorance and hypocrisy of the statist mind knows no bounds!

#netneutrality #abolishthefcc #internetfreedom #internet #net #freethemarket #endtaxation

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Net Neutrality takes an unregulated and free internet and puts it under the control of agency that literally decides what can and cannot be shown on television. One of the primary roles of the FTC is censorship. Anyone who believes putting them in charge of the internet will make the internet more free is misguided.

Yet, so many people I know clamor for NN, because they have fallen for the vast propaganda machine. It's really disappointing.