Help To Save Net Neutrality! Act Urgently!!!!

in netneutrality •  last year

I'm sorry about having such a yelling kind of title, but this actually worries me. In about 4 days from when I posted this, there will be a vote by the FCC deciding whether to keep net neutrality or to kill it. If net neutrality is gone, your ISP could force you to pay fees to access different websites, similar to cable plans, but the entire internet! This would absolutely kill the internet, and would give ISP the chance to add more censorship, please, head to and call your representatives. If we can get enough people to call them, they'll have to realize this is wrong, and stop this nonsense. Resteem this post or write your own! Spread the word and share awareness!!!

(it's actually days, this picture is old and hasn't been updated)

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