Does Anyone NOT Support Net Neutrality?

It would be interesting to hear another opinion on this matter. I missed NetNeutrality Day and I feel awful about it. Of course we should all have equal access to the internet without paying extra.

Steemit articles are allover informing our community that it is an important cause. So what is the other side of this? I can't even comprehend why there is a debate here? Looking forward to hearing back and hearing other thoughts.

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Internet service providers would like to charge for services like Youtube, Facebook etc ... Like TV packages. I will follow you because you are a good person.


Thank you for the kind words - I am totally a good person :) haha

I am not for it.

For the simple reason that I am against state action. Any of the concerns that people have are caused by the monopolies ISPs enjoy because of regulations to begin with.

I don't think the solution to state created problems are to have more state action. The goal is to have less. Remove the regulations so megacorps can't enjoy protections and let them all compete to serve us best.

I had a really good discussion on Facebook about it, if interested. I should bring that over to Steemit. :)


Yes definitely! Thanks for the link :)