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It’s been a little while - but I’m back with some brand new art.
Here is a little fan art for the new Matt Groening Netflix show, Disenchanted.

Here it is in the ink stage:

This piece has had a pretty good response - which of course is thrilling (because you never know how your treatment of another persons characters is going to be received.

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Funny, I just started watching the show tonight!

Baddddd ass.. I have been wanting to draw Luci in a different style, just finished the series last night. So many great characters. Love the style you did on this, feels right for their fantasy/time era. I wonder if Bongo will get with Netflix, some comics for this series would be beautiful and I would love to see a @zugart variant cover if you can get in there!

Haha, that's great.

Your artwork on this show is better than the art on the show itself.


Your artwork on this
Show is better than the art
On the show itself.

                 - cosmiccrimes

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I just started watching this. This program cracks me up!
You did the characters justice!

Fantastic work! It captures the essence of the show perfectly. Resteemed.