Murder Mystery on Netflix was great!

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You might stone me for this, but yesterday I watched the brand new Netflix original movie Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, and I had an awesome time. I know, lots of people can't stand Adam Sandler, and I also read the review of the movie from @gooddream, and I know he didn't appreciate the movie a lot. But, I really looked forward to watching the movie and I have got to say that I had a great time.

Whenever you watch an Adam Sandler movie, you know that it isn't a serious movie, and it will be a certain type of movie. And yes, this movie fits into the typical Adam Sandler category, but I can easily appreciate such movies, and within that category, this was a great experience.

The story in Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston is a married couple who never really got to go on a honeymoon. Now, fifteen years later, they finally get on the road to Europe. But, on the flight, they meet a super-rich guy who invites them onto a yacht, and they decide to accept the offer. Things get way more complicated as two murders take place on the boat, and even tougher when they are they become the main suspects.

The movie is a Netflix original movie, and as I watched it I once again felt grateful for my Netflix subscription. This was a movie I could easily have paid to watch in the cinema, but now I got it straight into my home with my subscription. I don't really like how Netflix is becoming more and more a platform for their own original content, but this at least helps me appreciate it a bit more, just like Birdbox did half a year ago.

Since it is a Netflix original movie, you can watch it on Netflix worldwide, meaning there is no need to change your Netflix region nor use a VPN or so on.

Why I liked Murder Mystery on Netflix?

The movie has turned the typical Agatha Christie (Poirot) stories into a comedy, but still with the tension of a crime story. It isn't a parody, but still, it makes it way more funny. And yes, the final point of the movie still makes me smile a lot as our dear detectives receive a gift from the French detective... two train tickets for a more peaceful vacation. Guess which train they get onboard?

This isn't an Academy Award kind of movie. But, it is a very funny story with a solid work done by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, making it one of the biggest highlights in the first summer month of 2019 so far!

My score for this movie: 8/10!

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I usually watch Adam Samdler's films when I change channels to choose something at random, but I'll keep that in mind. Good Review!

Yeah. I thought it was terrible....but the world wouldn't be much fun if we all thought the same way 😃

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That is so true :)

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