Disney is no match for Netflix

in netflix •  2 months ago 

I am not worried about Netflix one bit. Netflix has really changed the game and creates a vast majority-from the content I watch that has replaced TV, movies and channels like hbo.

On the flight back from Dubai to US this was so apparent to me. I just pre loaded a bunch of shows and boy was I positively surprised.

I could not test Disney in Dubai, bust just look at the list of content it seems for a different type of user all together: kids and family.

This is good. Different products for different part of the market

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I still wouldn't mind seeing a more "underground" approach, where decent studios can make proper living wages making more creative, inspired films or TV.

I get the feeling that each Netflix or Disney film is behind seven layers of bureaucrats.

Well yea. Making a film is a huge undertaking so I am sure you are correct.

yes, they must make calling to different customers, otherweise its is only a copy. lets see how disney will get more collections

Netflix ist übel verschuldet und Disney hat weit mehr im Programm als Familien- und Kinderfilme/Serien. Ich mag Netflix zwar auch sehr und hoffe, dass es bestehen bleibt, aber Disney+ würde ich nicht unterschätzen. Disney Hat viele Rechte (zb Marvel und Star Wars) die ihnen garantiert viele Kunden bringen werden, die nicht ihrem ursprünglichen Publikum entstammen.

What I enjoy the most is that the more competition, the better for the consumers. There are at least 3 series from Disney and Apple that are worth watching: See, The Mandalorian and Servant.

Netflix is the leader, but their competition (Amazon, Apple, Disney) are titans. This will be good for us movie/series fans.

Its possible Netflix still owns allot of contracts from deals they made when they were the only show in town. Disney been buying out their competitors left and right. If anyone can take market share away from Netflix it will be Disney. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 5+ years.

I haven't yet but sometime in the near future I'll be purchasing Disney to see what its like. I suspect that at this time I would still like Netflix better.

You're right, at this time Netflix is better.

Apple, Netflix and Disney is going to be the leaders in movies years down the road 😀

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competition is always good at least for the consumers we are now provided with lots of interesting and unique choices to choose from more quality content ahead

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I love netflix and can't see myself dropping it. Adding Disney on top of it sure, but not replacing it.