happy adventure!!! its more fun in the Philippines!!!

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Ten years. Yes, it was ten years ago when I last felt helpless and useless.......since I love changing my mind (like how Mayweather does), I decided to join my friends in another mountain expedition in Tanay, Rizal. They have been planning this since a long time ago (like two weeks, I guess) and they were pretty excited about it. I WAS NOT. ‘Til i googled about Mt. Daraitan and saw the pictures! Yeah, it was beautiful but I was like, “come on, they must’ve used a lot of filters in that picture.” What really convinced me in joining them was because of the below one-thousand-peso ALL-IN BUDGET!!14591673_10202192748616418_2682395355528184166_n.jpgimages.jpgdsc_1371.jpg


Wow, the beauty of nature!

yes sister! ....Reaching Tinipak River requires patience and endurance. In addition to 2 hours of travel to Tanay, Rizal, you still have to spend about half hour in trekking the rough trail of giant rocks. Prior to your Tinipak River adventure, you have to prepare your stamina for an exciting outdoor adventure ahead. :)

Yes, Tinipak is a very nice place though you really need plenty of stamina!

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