Khalti or Esewa ?

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After the rise of a Nepali mobile payment App "Khalti", our popular payment system esewa is going down.


We are sure about this because after the release of Khalti the number of users of esewa is going down rapidly. You can check both's alexa ranking graph.





Which is better ?

  • The interface of Khalti better than esewa but the interface of esewa is still good.
  • Esewa has more function than Khalti but Khalti has just started and gained a lot more popularity than esewa in very short time and they will be surely adding all the features of esewa and other more feature too as their team looks promising.
  • Security of both the apps are good.

Why is Khalti rising ?
It is all because of the advertisement they are doing. Their referral program gave them a hard boost. Their friendly interface make public believe internet payment can be easier than they thought. Their marketing is way to good than esewa, esewa also had referral program but the program was not much exciting as of Khalti. They are advertising everywhere and they are succeeding.

They are giving good amount of money for referring friend and they are making a good use of social network.

Will Khalti outrun Esewa ?
It depends upon how much effort do Esewa makes and how much marketing and effort do Khalti makes. Clearly today Khalti is working too hard than esewa and they are getting their profit. If condition goes like this then Khalti will outrun esewa after some time.

Condition maybe different and if you are looking this after 2 years then some other app may have outrun both of them or anything.

Best wishes for both of them, it's your choice to use any of them.

And the result of photocontest will be tomorrow


I'm going for Khalti!

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Most of us (Nepalis) just stop trying after reaching a certain point of success.
Hamrobazar? still same UI from day back, nothing new.
Rekha Thapa, you mentioned on earlier post about not maintaining herself.
Now esewa & Khalti. Both same thing, different companies, different markerting schemes.
As an established introductory payment system in Nepal Esewa should have tried better or it just thought it can outrun it's competition anytime. Pay movies tickets, water bills, electricity bills? Yeah right. Doesn't work. I'd say Khalti will just follow the same path.