my entree for the #neoxianpowercontest

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Hello Steemians,

If you would like to join the Contest to help grow your community here are the rules
• Write a post and nominate up to 5 communities that you think are deserving and would benefit from the delegation
• Communities that already have an active delegation from Neox are not eligible
• Submit your post under the tag #neoxianpowercontest
• The contest is open to all Steemians, but you are only allowed one entry each
• Comment your post link on @zaku's post including a short description of your nominated community.
• If entering this contest is not for you, consider resteeming this post for others in your community that may be interested.
Here is my list of five communities that i believe deserve the NEOXAG POWER DELEGATION


@Vimm is a passionate community of live-streamers.
Unfortunately when DLive left i think they took most of the people live-streaming with them.
As a result Vimm does not seem to get a lot of attention.
The delegation would help to draw more attention to vimm and allow those content creators on vimm to flourish.


@BattleGames is only a new community, but it is very active.
@BattleGames is helping gamers to be seen and heard on the @Steem blockchain.
They have even done a interview with gaming developer @marcosdk.
Delegating to @BattleGames would be a delegation to the gaming community here on @steem, helping it to grow.


@Helpie-caster is a community that does exactly what the name says, help.
A delegation to this community would help them help others even more.
Do I really need to say anything else ? :)


@SportsTalkSocial is a new community dedicated to promoting sports content on @Steem.
Delegating to this hard working community would further help promote our sporting community here on @Steem.


@ClickTrackProfit is a new community founded by @jongolson.
@jongolson is a affiliate marketer and is looking to help Steemians network on social media, keep track of what is helping them and what is not. And of course try and earn a profit.
Delegating to @clicktrackprofit would help gain more attention to this startup and help @jongolson to reach even more Steemians.

Thanks for holding this contest @zaku,

Have an awesome day!

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Thanks @mickvir for participate the contest , Your nominated community have been noted and also fyi we increase the delegation amount to 20k , 4k to each community for a month . Announcement Post will be published asap . You got 100 NEOXAG as staked .


Nice nominations !

Thanks ! Have an awesome day!

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Nice one Mick. Love the support for Battle Games!

BattleGames for the win !

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Thank you thank you thank you For the nomination. Really cool hearing about the other communities people are into, all great choices here! 👌🏻

My pleasure.
All the best with the contest.

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