Neoxian City Photo Challenge Week 11 | Bridges

Hey there.. This is yet another submission for this week's contest of #neoxianphotochallenge


Photography is an art, a way to capture moments, a language anywhere anyone can understand. Photography comes from two words. Photo and Graphy. Photo is a Greek word which means light. And Graphy means drawing. Photography means drawing with light.

Hope you enjoy these photos which are taken from my Huawei Nova.
Location of photos are from Nha Trang island

Conditions to join :
Submit your post under the tag #neoxianphotochallenge.
Photography must be OWN WORK.
Entry must be published on own personal Steemit account with the title "Neoxian City Photo Challenge".
Follow and Resteem will help to spread the contest in other users.
Explain what camera or phone was used and the location.
Multiple photos can all go in one post, just put the details under the image.
All entries will be judged on the basis of visual impact/creativity and quality/techniques.



Thanks for your participation on our previous photography contest NEOXIAN CITY PHOTO CHALLENGE - WEEK : #11, You can join our this week photography contest NEOXIAN CITY PHOTO CHALLENGE - WEEK : #12.

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Nice pic of a nice bridge ;D

Thanks.. I have to say the night shot mode on the phone is great :)


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