A unique design and one of the tourist spot in Prague

in neoxianfan •  3 months ago

The wall was born in 1980: with the death of JL, young people from Prague and others who no longer recognized themselves in a world of cold war and conflict saw their human symbol of peace and love die. In his memory and in protest they give life to the wall, opposed by the communist regime. It is to be interpreted by relating it to those years. It is continuously reworked.FB_IMG_1533591913986.jpg

I heard everyday the wall changes by different people putting up their graffiti on the walls...a unique design and one of the tourist spot in Prague...just to have a good picture do visit this place...little u walk from this wall u Lennon cafe as well..which is good as well..do visit this place if you planning to visit Prague...a good story behind this wall as well

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