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Ave been locked on this one this holiday season and its a fantastic series, it based on a young chef mission to stop the evil people who posses the five element that make the earth turn, wind, fire, water, earth and wood. he is pitted against his adoptive father who possesses the fire Wu and his gang of Chinese mafia. the main character is a chef played by the famous Indonesian matial art actor Iko Uwais.

he is running againest time as he must master the art of fighting each Wu figure and master himself, they are led by the wood Wu who is tryng to change the hand of time and go back 500 years back to be united with his family who were murdered, the wood wu is the strongest since he has the power of immortality and can heal fast and regenarate any damaged part of his body. he is also the wisest since he has lived for 500 years


netflix has done a great job with this one and the fighting choreography is just awesome and flawless. the story is well written and the cinematography is just super, the cast are talented and bring the magic to the series. i had very little to complain about. the first opening scene is just one adrenaline rust as the opening action is fast that keeps you glued.

What i love about the Wu Assassins is that its time is non linear, this means that time is not moving in one direction as in forward only but in various direction, it moving forward , at times backwards when they are trying to explain a charactor origins or th what the Wu is all about and at time it stand still when the Iko enters the temporal dimension that separates heaven and earth. Wu assassins is just 10 episodes and you can binge now on Netflix