20%+ in just over a week

in #neoxianlast year

download (3).jpeg
Bought back all CBI tokens giving a return of over 20% to some investors
A handful of early investors got back over 20% in just over a week simply for there trust.
There are 70 CBI not put up for sale but i have left the buy order up so if its you get them sold

For anyone that thought it was a scam or wouldnt come through 😆

When is the next round?
I am on with some family stuff at the minute so will try doing one for the first week of January.
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Nice! Thank you :)

I have one question: Why? :D

Why what sorry?

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Well, 20 % in one week is awesome. Why are you doing this? :)

Coz i can lol.
Just thought i would do summat good for everyone. I know people lose a lot of money in crypto as well as me. So thought do something nice. I believe in karma. Do good and good things come to you

Excellent! I shall look forward to January!

Great Stuff!
Looking forward to the new year and a new round.

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