I bought and staked 1300 Neoxag tokens..a great start.

in #neoxian5 years ago

The steem tribes have brought back some fair activity that has been lacking ever since the Steem prices started going down. The bear market hasn't stopped Steem from progressing.
So with a slight increase in activity on Steem i decided to stake more tokens and this time I bought some Neoxag tokens to power up so that I some how increase on my influence in the tribe.
So far so great, this is just the beginning as much as I will be posting it will be great to curate others with a better share. Will continue staking these tokens because I see Neoxian city as a community that is here to stay.
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credit to @ironshield.
Be sure to checkout neoxian.city for more cool stuff about Neoxian and other stuff in general.

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